UhOh Labs Marketing
Uh-Oh Labs Marketing Website

A website for a leader in diagnostic testing for under-served communities

The Challenge

Uh-Oh Labs is a diagnostic testing company based in the Bay Area. Their focus is on developing tests through their Loop-de-Loop platform, enabling simplicity, speed, and lower costs while providing accurate, lab-grade results. In early 2021 Uh-Oh Labs was working toward launching an affordable, accessible COVID-19 test based on their technology. They needed a corporate brand identity and marketing website to establish credibility and provide important information to customers. The website needed to be straightforward, flexible, and easy to use. The site would be an essential marketing vehicle to help Uh-Oh Labs expand testing capabilities at the underserved point of care facilities. It also needed to inform the general public about newly available access to lab-grade diagnostic tests at home, schools, or offices.

The Outcome

UhOhLabs.com is a well-designed marketing website for a range of audiences. It features clean, calming colors and a carefully crafted brand identity that marries well with co-branded testing product materials. The website is built on WordPress, which allows for easy updates. Deep, informative product pages and reference materials make it easy for potential customers to find the information they seek before making a purchase. The company's focus on recruiting is helped by the informative about us section, which features team profiles, company mission and history, and funding sources. The website will quickly expand as the company grows to feature more products and personalized functionality.

We founded Uh-Oh Labs to democratize testing and reduce the health burden of infectious diseases. Our advanced and affordable diagnostics offer comfort and peace of mind where they're needed, when they're needed. – Founder, Uh-Oh Labs

Our Approach

When establishing the Uh Oh Labs corporate brand, we chose deep, rich green and clean white to pair well with the saturated brand colors in use in their apps. The corporate brand is intentionally spare, so it floats behind the featured apps and diagnostic tests. Once the brand identity was complete, we worked with the client to wireframe the website. We established the information hierarchy and page structure and then created visual designs. The WordPress build followed, and then we launched the site. We continue to collaborate with Uh-Oh Labs to enhance and expand the website to meet the needs of their growing customer base.

Project Image UhOh Labs Desktop
Clear visuals demonstrating the product experience.
UhOh Labs Marketing Mobile Phones
Full features are accessible on mobile.
UhOh Labs Marketing Mobile 002
System benefits and easy-to-use enrollment forms.
UhOh Labs Marketing Mobile 002
System benefits and easy-to-use enrollment forms.

Ongoing Growth

Uh-Oh Labs is growing. Their 2021 investment round allowed them to begin scaling, and their product line is expanding. We expect to see great things from this company.