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AI-Powered Enterprise Software to Help Companies Manage Data Privacy Regulations

The Challenge

In today’s business environment, it is incredibly difficult to assess and manage privacy regulatory risks. Businesses are faced with ever-changing laws, differing regulations, and high consumer expectations regarding the protection of personal data. The data privacy landscape is hurtling towards an inflection point. More than ever, companies need tools to navigate increasingly complex privacy requirements. In the United States, 13 states have passed their own privacy regulations, eight of them in 2023 alone. Globally, 17 countries passed new privacy laws between February 2021 and March 2023, coinciding with record-breaking fines. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) related fines grew 50% from 2022 to 2023.

The Outcome

The Common Sense Privacy Wizard and Dashboard is an enterprise software suite that uses the power of AI to offer companies a simple, cost-effective way to understand their privacy choices and manage risk. The Wizard guides users through a series of questions to help gather information about their business practices and create draft privacy policies and labels for the App Store and Play Store. The system offers an upgrade to a Privacy Dashboard, which evaluates privacy practices and identifies actionable insights and potential gaps in adherence to best practices and emerging regulations. Building on foundational IP from Common Sense Media, the nation’s leading child advocacy nonprofit organization, the platform boasts the most extensive repository of privacy evaluations worldwide.


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We’re proud to offer companies a simple, cost-effective way to understand their privacy choices and manage risk. – CEO Common Sense Privacy

Our Approach

Common Sense Growth engaged Flower Press Interactive early in the design process to review plans for a Privacy Wizard and Dashboard.



We worked with stakeholders to review questions intended to capture critical business practices and generate draft privacy policies. The list of questions was long, and data relationships between interdependent questions were complex. This level of complexity was necessary to create a complete and comprehensive privacy policy. Our challenge was simplifying the content for the user, making the tool easy to engage with, and compelling users to complete their work.


Our product team collaborated to represent the data hierarchy in a progressive navigation, only showing information relevant to the particular user’s situation. Our UX team designed wizard-style progress indicators, info tips, and calls to action to ensure that appropriate information was captured. We conducted end-user interviews to validate our approach and made improvements as needed. Once the Wizard was designed with a Privacy Policy and Privacy Label output, it was time to move on to the Privacy Dashboard.



Once privacy practices are known, based on responses captured in the Privacy Wizard, the Privacy Dashboard offers an in-depth evaluation of them. The tool presents a privacy scorecard broken down by consumer priorities, legal mandates, compliance gaps, legal issues, and unclear practices. When designing how to present this to the user, we wanted to prioritize actionable insights presented in clear and logical steps.


The Dashboard-style experience allows users to navigate through a series of reports and calls to action to pursue fixes to issues in order of priority. For example, answering questions can help improve the privacy score if questions were skipped during the Wizard intake. For practices that are not ideal but require additional information to be added to the privacy policy, often enhanced language is enough. For practices where business operations have to change, the Dashboard presents detailed articles and information about how best to implement strategies, such as an age gate.


The Dashboard is not simply a series of charts and graphs. It is a dynamic, central tool where stakeholders can remain up-to-date and informed about necessary updates to privacy practices. As laws change, users are informed about needed modifications. As consumer preferences change, businesses are kept up-to-date. We explored the Privacy Dashboard’s features section by section during the design process. We talked with privacy experts and stakeholders to validate our approach. Common Sense Privacy provided complex and invaluable insights, which we boiled down into smaller pieces to engage users.


Today, the Privacy Dashboard is a central hub for the Common Sense Privacy enterprise offerings.

Ongoing Growth

There are an estimated 5,000 new apps every day that need privacy labels for app store listing, and an estimated 252,000 new websites every day that must comply with consumer privacy regulations. Tighter regulations, record fines, new app store requirements, and escalating consumer concerns have created an estimated current market opportunity of $11 billion. Common Sense Privacy is committed to bringing enterprise tools to market that make maintaining good privacy practices achievable.


Over time, we expect to expand the features offered in the Privacy Wizard and Dashboard to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses operating in the modern economy.


Common Sense Privacy is establishing a new standard for trusted online privacy ratings for companies. Its AI-powered subscription software helps companies actively evaluate and manage privacy risk and enables top performers to differentiate their offerings with a trusted seal. The company provides benchmarking and actionable insights sourced from an unsurpassed wealth of best practice examples.


We are honored to partner with Common Sense Privacy on their effort to help companies better assess and manage privacy regulatory risks.

Clear instructions to get the user started.
Clear information hierarchy and progressive navigation.
Mobile-friendly layouts work on the go.
Benchmarking compares practices against competitors in each business vertical.
Legally speaking shares compliance with applicable laws.
Issue detail pages show actionable steps to improve privacy rankings.