Salesforce Community

Improving customer service through real-time data access

The Challenge

A major insulation company was looking to improve its customer experience. Their customers include a diverse mix of contractors, builders, and warehouse suppliers – purchasers of their many insulation products. The company was already on Salesforce and engaged a Salesforce consulting company to integrate Salesforce Communities. The platform would allow the company to open up customer access to real-time delivery tracking, order history, invoice history, and claims processing. These advanced, integrated features would require a custom user experience to marry their brand identity with Salesforce native features.

The Outcome

The insulation brand’s Salesforce Community is a custom, responsive customer-facing tool optimized to work across all devices. The system allows for real-time delivery tracking, updates on orders, and inventory. Additionally, customers can file a claim and report issues. The system reduces friction and costs associated with delivering high-quality customer service. It also offers access to the latest product documents and training materials, which helps keep customers up to date on product offerings. Since launching the portal, the insulation company has seen an increase in customer engagement and reduced customer service costs.


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We completed the implementation of the Salesforce Customer Community within 6-months. This timeline is very aggressive to get a customer community for a multi-million dollar company that includes ERP integrated data launched. The project went very well. The community is a great asset for their customers. – Sr. Business Analyst, Salesforce Consulting Company

Our Approach

A Salesforce consulting company engaged Flower Press Interactive to design a custom theme for the insulation company’s Salesforce Community. We worked in partnership with experienced business analysts at the Salesforce consulting company to develop requirements and workflows based on the use case for each part of the tool. We focused on the needs of the end-user, which data would be readily available, and compiled detailed wireframes presented to stakeholders for feedback. We received meaningful suggestions and finalized adjustments as needed. We used existing brand assets to design the user interface. Our team created custom UI code, which the Salesforce consulting company’s engineering team integrated with Salesforce Communities. Once the integration was complete, we conducted QA to ensure that all visual elements displayed and performed as desired. We then led user acceptance testing, and the community launched shortly after. All said, it was in production within 6-months, which is a relatively aggressive timeline.

Ongoing Growth

As the company develops new product lines and customer relationships, the Salesforce Community’s features will continue to evolve. The community is a great asset to customers and their internal sales organization.

Real-time shipment tracking helps to keep customers informed.
Detailed order records offer the ability to track shipments, print an invoice or file a claim.
Custom search offers easy access to account history.
Product documents and built in feedback channels allow for increased customer engagement.