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    Flower Press Creative Studio, LLC BBB Business Review

    Flower Press Interactive
    Seattle, WA


    816 Evergreen Point Road #102
    Medina, WA 98039


    What will happen after I contact you?


    We will learn everything we can about you, your customers, and your competition. Based on what we learn, we will use our expertise and experience to recommend a build approach or research and discovery phase. We will execute the strategy with transparent project management to keep you informed each step of the way. Finally, we will launch your new website or application and be there to support you as needed.

    What kinds of companies do you work for?


    Our typical customer is a startup or small to medium-sized business in the following industries:

    How long will it take to build my website or application?


    Project length is based on complexity. Marketing websites typically take 3 – 5 weeks. Web apps and mobile apps can take 6 – 12 months.

    Who will work on my project?


    Our project teams are comprised of professionals in focused disciplines including:

    • Product Management
    • User Experience Design
    • Visual Design
    • UI Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Quality Assurance Engineering

    How do you price your services?


    We price our services hourly based on deliverables. We estimate an hours range for each project and notify you in advance if your project is approaching the high end of the range. Our hourly rates are very competitive for studios and agencies.

    How do you bill for your services?


    We take a project deposit at project kickoff. After the deposit is spent, we bill monthly until project completion. Payments are due net 30. We accept ACH, check, or credit card payments in USD.

    How is communication handled?


    We work with clients via Zoom, Slack, and email. We host weekly calls to ensure that everyone is on the same page and communication is good. For local clients, we also meet in person.

    Do you offer support after my website or application is launched?


    We have a dedicated support team in-house that can handle anything from routine support updates to full feature upgrades. Many clients use us as outsourced design and engineering to support their products over many years.

    How long have you been in business?


    We have been operating continuously since 2001. We are registered with the following organizations who can vouch for our legitimacy:

    What are some major brands you've worked for?


    Since 2001, we have worked for some of the world’s most well-known and trusted brands, and tiny companies just starting out. You can find a full list of companies on our Clients page. Some well-known brands include:

    • Nike
    • Disney
    • Lipton Tea
    • Time, Inc.
    • Stanford
    • Southern Living
    • BabyCenter
    • Johnson & Johnson