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Improving processes is good business.

Keeping businesses humming along is one of our specialties. We excel in redesigning processes to streamline operations, saving time and resources. Our enterprise projects span across multiple industries, including insurance, legal, technology, and more.

Common Sense Privacy Wizard & Dashb...

AI-Powered Enterprise Software to Help Companies Manage Data Privacy Regulations

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Brown Bear Site Ops

An enterprise application to streamline operations

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Design and build for an app for UJET, the #1 ranked contact center app for 16 quarters

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Media outreach materials for the Nike PR department for basketball, running and soccer.

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Insurance Lounge

Simplifying the process of shopping for, selecting, and purchasing insurance

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Brown Bear Mobile App

Streamlining customer complaint processing and resolution

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Promotional tools for Survey Monkey to sell to small and medium-sized businesses.

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Salesforce Community

Improving customer service through real-time data access

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A web app for Remodelista, a platform for a remodeling and design acquired by

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Brown Bear Website

Improving customer experience with centralized account management

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Mobile Publisher App

Updating a popular Salesforce loyalty rewards application

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A website and series apps for Nominum, a for DNS software company acquired by Akamai

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A web app for Adready, a targeted ad platform later acquired by CPXi

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A website for Duffy Kekel, a Portland-based law firm with a rich history

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App UX improvements for Modula4, a digital asset management platform

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An app for Blattner Energy to optimize resource planning for the installation of wind farms

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A marketing website for The Hunley Group, a Salesforce consulting company

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