Flower Press Creative Studio, LLC Ranked A Top Web Design Firm in Seattle

By Khaiersta Flowers English on July 17, 2019

Flower Press Creative Studio, LLC Ranked A Top Web Design Firm in Seattle

Summary Flower Press Creative Studio ranked among top 20 web design firms in Seattle.

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In 2018, only 24 of the 500 CEOs of companies listed in the Fortune 500 list were women. Regardless of previous progress, female leadership in tech companies is especially rare. Here’s where we’re different. We believe our female-led agency stands out among other design and development firms. 

Flower Press Creative is a team of product designers and engineers who love to tackle complex digital technologies. Since 2001, our Seattle-based team has been building better apps, websites, and experiences for clients ranging from small startups to industry leaders. 

We stand out from competitors due to our focus on product insights. These insights are like diamonds to us. The flashes of inspiration and breakthroughs help us uncover patterns, explore new directions, save time, and drive decisions. The foundation of our business consists of these product insights. 

Recently, we have caught the attention of ratings and review startup, Clutch. We are thrilled to be named a top web design company in Seattle in their 2019 rankings.  

On our Clutch page, prospective buyers can view our 4.9 overall rating, as well as our client reviews. 

Our most recent review is from Jobs Nirvana, a career development platform for young women based out of San Jose, Calif. We helped the company build a web platform by using our expertise on front and back end development. After the project was completed, we continued to work with Jobs Nirvana to fix any bugs that came up. 

Another satisfied partner, Google Registry, has given us a 5.0 rating as well. We worked with third-party clients on creating brand identity to page domains. The goal of this project was to help increase client interests on certain domain pages with our development services. Our client was very happy with our involvement! 

We are very thankful for our clients taking the time to go through the in-depth interview process. The feedback we receive is incredibly valuable. 

"Client feedback is very valuable for the optimization of our studio operations. Personal referrals mean so much to those seeking a reliable design partner. We have built our business on referrals and are very grateful for clients willing to provide them"

– Khaiersta English, Founder of Flower Press Creative Studio.

The Clutch sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects, have also featured us on their unique platforms. The Manifest, a business news platform, has listed us among the top Seattle web developers. Visual Objects is designed to showcase our portfolio items, along with our ratings and reviews. 

We are very excited to receive these awards. The increased exposure on the Clutch site will undoubtedly lead to an expansion in our client network. 

Do you have an idea you’re excited about? Let’s get in touch and see if we’d be a good fit for your company.