Design for Good

By Khaiersta Flowers English on April 15, 2018

Design for Good

Summary A creative art project outside of the digital arena results in donations for a local educational organization.

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As a designer, working mainly on digital products, I rarely take time to use traditional mediums, such as painting or sculpting. But, recently, I was recruited to help with my daughter’s first grade art auction project. This involves creating a piece of art, which can be auctioned off. The idea is that the children create small piece of work, which is brought together as a collective whole.

Being from Seattle, most of the children in Coe Elementary School’s first grade class have experienced the ocean, the sound and water in some form. Most children are also exposed to messages around environmentalism such as recycling, picking up trash, composting, reusing materials etc.

I met with the class, and we brainstormed a concept around the ocean, and playing our part in the circle of life and health. Here is our statement, which was used to drive the art piece.

We all play a part in the health and beauty of our world. Our oceans are diverse and they connect us to all life on earth. Our art piece celebrates this connection and reminds us of our place in preserving our environmental heritage.

With this in mind, I set out to gather supplies. I purchased a variety of acrylic paints, moulding compound, art paper, canvas, and modge podge. 

I created raised circles, on squares of art paper. 

Each child received a square piece of art paper to paint with some shade of blue, and white. 

I then arranged the pieces according to color and painted the circles in silver.

And, viola, “Earth, Sea Connections”