Reflecting on our commitment to working with Health & Wellness brands

A feature story about Navigating the Maze of Childhood Mental Health Services in the January issue of ParentMap magazine brought to mind the reason Flower Press Interactive is committed to partnering with health and wellness brands to build better digital solutions – to address a national crisis.

Mental health is still taboo and misunderstood. From the article: “Nearly 1 in 5 children in the United States have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder, only about 20 percent receive care from a specialized mental health care provider, according to the CDC.” With so many struggling to find answers and practitioners who can put them in touch with solutions, the need is greater than ever.

The article includes a detailed account of how time-consuming, difficult, and cost-prohibitive it is to find mental health solutions in the Puget Sound region. What can you do?


If you’re a mental health practitioner:

✏ Review your website and business listing to ensure the information is current.
🗂 Consider taking insurance so families can more easily afford your care.
📍 Consider advertising and outreach to get the word out about your practice.


If you’re a startup founder looking for your next idea:

📈 Consider an app or web app that aggregates provider data to provide parents with a resource to find up-to-date contact and rate information for practitioners in the area. How can AI help improve the situation?


If you’re a writer:

🖋 Consider promoting books or guides parents can use to help their children independently.


If you’re a parent who has been through this:

😍 Share your information with your community so we can all support each other.


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