Maintaining an efficient team in a world of remote work

Flower Press Interactive values flexibility. Working together from different places at different times has become increasingly the norm in the product development world and our team’s freedom to work from where they work best, when they work best, is an important part of our culture that allows peak creativity and innovativeness. This flexibility results in a healthier work-life balance, allows team members to manage their time more effectively, and reduces the stress associated with rigid work hours in a sometimes unforgiving industry. Teams no longer need to be confined to physical office space, allowing for greater diversity and inclusivity. Virtual and, at times, asynchronous collaboration empowers team members to contribute independently and efficiently while maintaining a cohesive goal.


This shift in work culture has been facilitated by various digital tools and platforms that enable collaboration across geographical boundaries and time zones. Flower Press Interactive uses platforms like Google Meet and Zoom and tools such as Slack, Asana, and Jira to provide centralized spaces for communication, project management, and document sharing. These tools enable team members to collaborate seamlessly, share updates, and work on projects collaboratively, creating a team atmosphere even when physically distant. The freedom to reflect on information and provide more deliberate responses leads to higher-quality outcomes as compared to hurried, real-time decision-making. 


For this work model to be successful, we understand the importance of maintaining constant and thorough communication. Clear documentation of processes, project goals, and expectations keeps everyone on the same page. Regular check-ins and status updates help maintain a sense of cohesion and accountability within the team and ensure that projects stay on time, on track, and on budget.


Flower Press Interactive’s most important asset is our team of professionals from diverse backgrounds with experience in the planning, creation, and management of digital products. Many of our leads have worked together for over a decade to bring the best digital product solutions to our clients. Embracing a remote and asynchronous approach has helped Flower Press Interactive maintain and grow our team of professionals. Meet our leadership team and learn more about our studio at