The importance of an early discovery phase

At Flower Press Creative Studio, we typically begin our engagements with Discovery, a process meant to verify your product through research, interviews, and proofs of concept. This phase utilizes designers and engineers to review competitors, compare technologies, and speak with potential customers. We define the problem and begin to figure out the best approach to solve it.


Our designers conduct light market research to see what your potential competitors are doing and identify possible points of difference where your product can shine. They then get these ideas in front of potential users to ensure your product includes features that attract customers and are easy to use. These interviews provide invaluable insight into how people will interact and use your product.


Engineers determine technical feasibility and choose ideal tools and platforms to make your product successful. At times, this includes research on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Having a deep understanding of constantly evolving tech allows our developers to enter the build phase of your product prepared, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective engagement.


“Flower Press validated Real Work’s system design with several rounds of research, resulting in a powerful network to connect employers and workers.”  -Real Work Founder


See common steps of the discovery phase below, and learn more on the Flower Press Approach page.