Get to know our team! Meet QA Engineering Lead Alexis Carey

Quality Assurance Engineering Lead Alexis Carey has been working with Flower Press Interactive for four years. She has worked as an Avionics Technician, a Team Manager, and a Junior Web Developer, and has worked with web technology and end-user satisfaction for over 15 years.


What got you interested in a career in tech?

I started as a customer service rep for a website company and met a bunch of interesting programmers and artists who also worked there. My job sort of morphed into checking work before it went live to the public and my QA career expanded from there.


What’s your favorite part of the job? 

It’s very satisfying to approve and release a new feature that a client has requested.


What’s the biggest challenge you face in your work? 

We often have intense timelines where a ton of work has to happen rapidly and thoroughly and well.


What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I like nature and birds and such…and I like reading and libraries!


What would surprise people about your job? 

How intense and challenging QA work can be to accomplish well. The premise is fairly simple – does it work as expected? But sometimes it’s a long road to reaching that point.