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A Streamlined Approach to Customer Enrollment for a Popular Unlimited Wash Club Program

Brown Bear Car Wash engaged FPCS to design and build an iOS app to modernize customer enrollment and operations.


Brown Bear Car Wash is a car wash business with over 50 locations in the Pacific Northwest. They have been a local fixture since they opened their doors in 1957.

Seattle, WA

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The Challenge

Brown Bear Car Wash has over 50 locations in the Pacific Northwest. Facilities range from self-service covered washes to full-service tunnel washes. Brown Bear Car Wash offers an Unlimited Wash Club, which allows customers to receive unlimited drive-through tunnel washes at any Brown Bear location. The subscription model is very popular due to the level of convenience it offers. For a low monthly fee, customers can drive through an RFID scanner-enabled tunnel wash and come out with a clean vehicle in just minutes.

Since its inception enrollments in the Unlimited Wash Club have grown steadily. Over the past two years, the enrollment rate has increased, requiring more staff to handle application processing. To date, all enrollments have been handled using paper forms, filled out by hand on a clipboard, scanned in at the car wash and keyed in by data entry staff. As of Spring 2018, three full-time data entry employees were handling data entry for Unlimited Wash Club enrollments. At this volume, Brown Bear was forced to take a look at streamlining the customer enrollment process.

Key Insights

In Spring 2018 Brown Bear Car Wash engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to examine the issue. We met with key stakeholders and determined that the path forward would be a digital data capture solution.

By moving customer enrollment from a paper to digital format, we could ensure that all required information was captured, nothing was misunderstood due to poor handwriting, and data collection was streamlined with less human involvement.

The Solution

We analyzed the paper form and organized questions into logical sections (ie. Customer Info, Vehicle Data, Terms & Conditions etc.). We kept screen layout simple, field labels clear and readable, and we included a progress bar to give the user a sense their place within the enrollment flow.


We included a customer completion screen followed by internal processing fields for use by the car wash attendant. This series of interdependent fields was designed to streamline the capture of the correct information in different enrollment circumstances, which had been an ongoing challenge.

We built a prototype for use on an iPad Mini and tested it with customers, car wash attendants, and stakeholders. We had to account for environmental factors, varying levels of light, wind, water etc. when testing the prototype. We asked users to talk aloud as they worked through the screens. We came away with positive feedback and ideas to save additional time and effort on the part of the customer.

Following user testing, we worked in barcode scanning to capture customer membership numbers, license plate scanning, and drop downs for vehicle make, model and color. We included a simplified format for acceptance of terms, user signature and camera integration to attach images of gift certificates. All of these additional features resulted in a more complete user experience.

Using existing Brown Bear character illustrations, we created visual designs.

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We elected to build the app in React Native for iOS. The app is retrofitted with sophisticated offline operations features. It will continue to capture customer enrollments if it is offline or there is a network or device interruption. Customer data is never lost, and car wash attendants can continue to process applications even if there is an outage. Information is automatically transferred to a central server and integrated with the Brown Bear Car Wash CRM.

The Unlimited Wash Club App improves the enrollment experience for all involved. Customers have a quicker, and more accurate data entry experience. Car wash attendants can operate more quickly, and data entry employees can handle other tasks.