Visual Regression Testing: Automate UI QA

If you are a designer for the web, you may, or may not work directly with engineers who implement your designs. If you do, you know that things can change. CSS classes can be disrupted and shift alignment. Font sizes, colors, and positioning can change as new elements are added. In the past, the only way to catch these changes was through manual QA. This tedious, time-consuming process was frustrating and error-prone. Now, using visual regression testing, teams can automate visual UI review. offers a user interface to make visual regression testing available to design teams. Visual testing can be integrated with existing development workflows and allows teams to gain insight into visual changes caused by code updates. The software takes a snapshot of a website or app UI at a single point in time, and then compares it with the current version. Changes are highlighted in red. The design lead can request changes or approve the variation through a simple user interface.

Software is getting more complex, and digital experiences are more fragmented as personalized content is brought in. Automated visual testing gives teams the ability to catch visual bugs early and release with confidence. Error-prone manual testing is a thing of the past.


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