Industry: Health & Wellness

We put care into the work we do for health and wellness.

Our health and wellness projects range from an award-winning COVID-19 testing solution to an app that helps student athletes keep tabs on their mental health. We’re serious about helping the companies working towards advancements and accessibility in health and wellness.

Insurance Lounge

Simplifying the process of shopping for, selecting, and purchasing insurance

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An app for Mango Health, a program to keep patients following complex medication regimes acquired by TrialCard

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Research for Conscious Nutrition to help women establish healthy eating habits in a more personalized manner

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Before the Field Mobile App

Before the Field, a mental conditioning system for student-athletes.

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ChartMedic Clinic Portal Web App

Simplifying the process of collecting and reviewing patient health data

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Uh-Oh Labs Dx Pro App

A fast and accurate COVID-19 test for clinic settings

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El Centro de Libertad

Rebranding an award-winning addiction recovery center to make it more accessible

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OneBreath Marketing Website

A website to promote an affordable ventilator to growing markets

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ChartMedic Mobile App

An app to simplify the process of completing medical paperwork

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A web app for The Rudy Movement to influence and inspire athletes of all ages based on the story of Rudy Ruettiger

Web AppsDesignConsumerHealth & Wellness

A web app for Scutwork to compare medical residency programs

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A COVID-19 testing app for Uh-Oh Labs targeted at low-income clinics

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A marketing website for Sleep Metrics, a home- based testing service to detect sleep apnea

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A web app for MD Applicants to compare admission rates for medical students

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A website for Oregon eHealth to compare and purchase health insurance

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Apps and web tools for Student Doctor Network, the largest online forum for aspiring doctors

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An app for Second Opinion Health, a digital therapeutics company, to stop the onset of migraine attacks

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An app to optimize use of IT resources for Skagit Regional Health, a major hospital system

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A website for strong Mindful Living programs, a service to educate psychologists and counselors about mindfulness

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