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A fast and accurate COVID-19 test for clinic settings

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a massive disruption to work and life since late 2019. Uh-Oh Labs has been in the personalized diagnostic testing market for many years. Their tests use their Loop-de-LoopTM platform, enabling simplicity, speed, and lower costs while providing accurate, lab-grade results. In 2021, Uh-Oh Labs was awarded a contract from the National Institutes of Health RDAx Initiative to commercialize its COVID-19 test. Their mobile app, which connected to their proprietary testing instrument using Bluetooth, was in a proof of concept stage and needed a complete overhaul to improve workflow and usability for the demands of a point of care environment.

The Outcome

Uh-Oh Labs Dx Pro is an app for iOS that allows individuals to run quick and accurate COVID-19 tests in a healthcare setting. The app is part of the UOL COVID-19 Test, which received EUA approval in early 2022. The app connects with the UOL COVID-19 Instrument using Bluetooth and allows one or more UOL COVID-19 Tests to be performed simultaneously. Results are delivered to the Dx Pro app within 40 minutes with clear and specific information. The UOL COVID-19 Instrument is low-cost, and the app is free. This system is a good option for companies, schools, institutions, and clinics to offer quick and reliable COVID-19 testing.

We founded Uh-Oh Labs to democratize testing and reduce the health burden of infectious diseases. Our advanced and affordable diagnostics offer comfort and peace of mind where they're needed, when they're needed. – Founder, Uh-Oh Labs

Our Approach

Uh-Oh Labs engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to review the user experience on an existing application and improve usability before launch. The original application was built as a proof of concept and required updating to offer a high-quality user experience. Uh-Oh Labs wished to rebuild the app in Swift to provide high-performance connectivity with the UOL COVID-19 Instrument. We started with stakeholder interviews and reviewed user testing videos to learn about pain points in the current app workflow. We quickly learned that there were points of confusion around how to set up the test correctly. We simplified the workflow and introduced illustrations to make each step more clear. We used Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to ensure that all app parts were well structured and intuitive. Once wireframes were approved, we moved on to visual design. We used a pre-existing “Covie” character as the primary brand element and built a color palette. We chose blue, black, and teal to evoke the healthcare setting. We created visual designs using clean, lightweight fonts and interface elements.

We built out UI files in Swift and collaborated with a third-party developer to build the app following visual design. Our team worked on QA and usability testing to ensure that everything was implemented according to plan. Throughout the build process, additional features were identified as necessary. We worked with the client and the third-party developer to make UX recommendations to ensure that all components were designed well and thoroughly considered. Following the build, we collaborated with Uh-Oh Labs to launch related marketing materials, including a marketing website.

Project Image Uh-Oh Labs Mobile 000
Project Image Uh-Oh Labs Mobile 001
Detailed illustrations and clear directions help users understand how to set up the COVID-19 test.
Project Image Uh-Oh Labs Mobile 002
Identifying information is minimal to protect patient privacy.
Project Image Uh-Oh Labs Mobile 003
Clear results are available from the Test Results list view.
Project Image Uh-Oh Labs Mobile 004
Control test ensure devices are properly calibrated work working as expected.

Ongoing Growth

Uh-Oh, Labs Dx Pro is available in the App Store. Test kits, instruments, and related materials are available on www.uhohlabs.com. The company will continue to expand its offerings into new categories in the diagnostic testing market. We expect to see great things from this company.


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