Real Work Marketing Website
Real Work Marketing Site

Promoting a hiring platform for the next generation of trade workers

The Challenge

Real Work, a start-up that focuses on connecting workers in the trades with those who hire them, needed a marketing site to promote and serve as an entry point to their product. It needed to be easy to navigate and visually compelling while maintaining a different look from the web application. It also needed to be easily updated by stakeholders and include a blog component that the Real Work team would manage.

The Outcome

The Real Work website is built for people to access and become familiar with the Real Work app. It clearly labels sections for different user types and seamlessly leads them into the web app. A built-in blog section, FAQs, and contact forms give users additional information about Real Work.

We engaged Flower Press Creative Studio due to their high level of product design and marketing expertise. It definitely shows on our website. – Real Work Founder

Our Approach

We set a darker, edgier tone at to set it apart from the web app. Our design incorporates large images, simple icons, and bold lettering with clear labels and navigation. We then built the webpage on the WordPress platform to allow for easy management.

Project Image
Clear sections keep navigation simple.
Project Image
Pages for each user type help users find what they are looking for.
Project Image
Preview shots of the app show users what to expect.
Project Image
Full features are accessible on mobile.

Ongoing Growth

Real Work will continue to connect people in the trades through their website and product. We’re excited to watch them change how people in the trades work together!