Real Work
Real Work Web App

A hiring platform designed just for the trades – licenses and certifications, oh my!

The Challenge

Real Work, a start-up that focuses on connecting workers in the trades with those who hire them, needed a platform that would serve both workers and employers. The construction and service industries need more skilled labor and it’s impacting their ability to get work done. The Real Work web application needed to include license and certification information from multiple states, and be built to scale. Employers needed to be able to customize and post job opportunities and workers needed to be able to add licenses and additional resume information to their profiles.

The Outcome

The Real Work web app is built for people in the trades and those who employ them. On the worker side, users can receive notifications about licenses about to expire and new jobs that may match their skill set, and customize their profile to reflect their work preferences and experience. Employers can post job openings, review candidates, and find the skilled workers they need. Both sides of the Real Work are simple to navigate and make connections through the platform.

Flower Press validated Real Work’s system design with several rounds of research, resulting in a powerful network to connect employers and workers. – Real Work Founder

Our Approach

First, we interviewed stakeholders and potential users to determine which features would be most helpful to both job seekers and employers. Next, we designed a simple dashboard experience for both sides to create and manage their profiles. We added pops of blue shades to the existing orange, black, and white branding, resulting in an eye-catching and pleasing design. We built the web app in React and integrated Stripe payment systems for easy processing of subscription fees.

Project Imagee
A profile creation checklist and job list help guide the user journey.
Project Image
A progress bar indicates worker profile completeness.
Project Image
Employers can view workers who match their needs.
Project Image
All features are compatible with mobile devices.

Ongoing Growth

Real Work is going to do amazing things for the trades industries. It has big plans to expand its reach and services. Addressing ongoing infrastructure needs by streamlining the process for workers and employers to connect will have a lasting impact, and we are excited to be a part of it!