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A Modern Site to Service a New Generation of Insurance Consumer

Insurance Lounge engaged FPCS to update their online quoting and buying platform


Insurance Lounge is a startup focused on making insurance purchasing and management easy and accessible. Their retail store purchasing experience, as well as, their online and mobile app experiences offer the ability to shop, purchase and manage insurance from 100s of carriers all in one place.

Medford, OR

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The Challenge

The insurance market is changing. Millennials and Generation-Z are entering the market, baby-boomers are retiring, and consumers as a whole expect to achieve more, in less time. People are looking toward online tools to ease the burden of shopping, and insurance shopping is no different. The Deloitte 2020 Insurance Outlook reports "More insurers are looking to bolster core systems, add capabilities, and enhance customer experience through artificial intelligence (AI), digitalization, new sales platforms, alternative product development, and other innovations."

Insurance Lounge is a progressive company, which has embraced technology as a core piece of its business model since its launch in 2011. Their accessible retail Insurance Lounges paired with progressive online tools turned the traditional agency model on its head and gained nationwide attention. Still, in 2019, Insurance Lounge was looking to push its business model further, and launch an updated toolset to help consumers have a top-notch insurance purchasing experience.

Key Insights

Insurance Lounge engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to examine the issue. We conducted a series of interviews with stakeholders and consumers. We came away with this key insight:

Consumers need mobile-friendly online tools to shop for, purchase and manage insurance products, but that’s not all. Insurance is complicated so easy access to real-time advice and assistance via chat, phone or in-person is also necessary for an ideal experience.

The Solution

With this insight in mind, we worked with Insurance Lounge to refactor its website. We prioritized access to online quoting flows across product lines.


We worked in-depth with licensed insurance agents to identify confusing parts of each insurance purchasing process. We placed helpful hints and tool-tips to help answer common questions. For more in-depth issues, we provided consistent access to an AI-enabled chatbot who could answer complex questions. Additionally, Insurance Concierges were made available during business hours right from the quoting flows, via chat, or phone.

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Insurance Lounge also expanded its retail store presence opening up in additional West coast states. The website makes it easy for consumers to find retail stores for in-person assistance.

The site is built to be fully responsive to provide an ideal user experience across devices. Features are being added on a rolling release schedule extending into 2020. Insurance Lounge is leading the insurance industry with its introduction of easy-to-use tools to meet the needs of modern customers.