Insurance Lounge Web App
Insurance Lounge Web App

A landing page to increase healthcare enrollments through a strategic partnership

The Challenge

Insurance Lounge needed to add a landing page to its website to promote its partnership with UnitedHealthcare to provide group insurance. It needed to use elements of the UnitedHealthcare brand that would seamlessly integrate with the Insurance Lounge brand. This page needed to be built quickly, and go through external review processes.

The Outcome

The UnitedHealthcare landing page on the Insurance Lounge website comingles brand identities and presents content provided by both organizations in a simple and coherent way. It offers users searching for group insurance plans valuable information and contains prominent calls to action to provide quotes and additional resources. The header image features a hiker gazing from the top of a mountain and content blocks that complement Insurance Lounge’s ongoing nature theme.

This page did a great job of directing sign-ups to our healthcare quoting workflow. We will be working on landing pages like this in the future to enhance our market positioning. – Marketing Director, Insurance Lounge

Our Approach

We worked with stakeholders from both UnitedHealthcare and Insurance Lounge to quickly design We chose design elements that complemented both brand identities, using blue shades from each organization and nature imagery. After multiple rounds of approval for the comingled branding, we built the landing page within the existing Insurance Lounge React website.

Project Image Insurance Lounge UnitedHealthcare
Prominent calls to action direct customers to request a quote.
Project Image Insurance Lounge UnitedHealthcare
The UnitedHealthcare page converts seamlessly to mobile screens.
Project Image Insurance Lounge UnitedHealthcare
Reports are sent for internal processing.
Project Image Insurance Lounge UnitedHealthcare
A clear and simple contact form makes it easy for customers to reach a representative.

Ongoing Growth

Insurance Lounge continues to expand its insurance offerings to its customer base, consistently forming new partnerships with companies like UnitedHealthcare. Their strong emphasis on customer service and locating the right coverage for each customer has led to exceptional growth and brand loyalty. We expect to see great things happen as this company continues to innovate the insurance industry.