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Marketing a fresh approach to simplifying the practice of medicine

The Challenge

ChartMedic, Inc. is a start-up offering a new approach to simplifying the practice of medicine. The company provides the ChartMedic App and ChartMedic Clinic Portal, which capture patient responses to medical questionnaires. The systems integrate seamlessly with significant hospital databases such as Epic. The ChartMedic marketing website needed to quickly and easily communicate this idea to administrators looking to improve their medical organizations' efficiency. The website also needed to share these ideas to doctors and front-line medical workers who would make appeals to their administrators to invest in the system.

The Outcome is a visually compelling marketing website that takes a wizard-based approach to walk through what the ChartMedic App and ChartMedic Clinic Portal offer. The website walks through gathering, analyzing, and collecting patient data from the medical provider's perspective and describes efficiencies that benefit everyone involved. The site also informs consumers about the setup process, subscription costs and allows interested parties to request a new ChartMedic account for their medical organization. is an attractive face for the ChartMedic suite of products.

Our marketing website must communicate the value that ChartMedic offers the medical community quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to get the basics in front of people and encourage them to enroll and try out the product. We have a low commitment pricing model because we are confident organizations will recognize the value the product brings. – ChartMedic Stakeholder

Our Approach

ChartMedic, Inc. engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to design and build the ChartMedic App and Clinic Portal. We worked with a third-party API developer to design and implement the system from the beginning. Our intimate knowledge of the product allowed us to craft a marketing website that could speak to its core value. We started with wireframing the end-to-end experience and gained feedback from the Founder and key stakeholders. Our goal was to create a visually organized, straightforward site that would walk the user through the system from start to finish. We start by explaining the patient and provider interaction and finish with an account request form, which allows the user to set up a ChartMedic medical organization account. Once submitted, requests are reviewed by ChartMedic staff, and the user receives an email to complete the application.

Project Image ChartMedic Desktop
Clear visuals demonstrating the product experience.
ChartMedic Marketing Mobile Phones
Full features are accessible on mobile.
ChartMedic Marketing Mobile 002
System benefits and easy-to-use enrollment forms.

Ongoing Growth

The ChartMedic App and Clinic Portal are currently in a public beta. is the entry-point by which users enroll for a new account. As word of the system spreads, more organizations are joining the beta and providing early feedback to the ChartMedic team. For more information on the ChartMedic App and ChartMedic Clinic Portal, review their project pages.