Beewise Marketing Website
Beewise Website

A website promoting an innovative company that offers AI-enabled bee hive management

The Challenge

Beewise, a rapidly growing company, is revolutionizing the preservation of bee colonies and pollination of crops through its cutting-edge technology and expertise. To promote its innovative BeeHome to beekeepers and growers and raise awareness about the critical global impact of bee preservation, Beewise required a clean, modern, and distinctive website on the HubSpot platform. The goal was to create a site that would stand out from its competitors.

The Outcome

The result is, an elegantly designed and user-friendly website. Leveraging the HubSpot CMS, we ensured that Beewise can easily make updates as needed. To set the website apart from competitors, we designed custom icons and created an appealing color palette featuring vibrant greens and chocolate brown with yellow and black accents. We then developed custom modules within HubSpot to support image and video headers, smooth scrollers, and other creative design elements.

I was hired on to Beewise, a company that is using Robotics and AI to help save the world's bee population and secure the global food supply. Flower Press has continued to focus on effective, mission-driven projects over the years. Engaging them to overhaul our website was a natural fit. – Marketing VP, Beewise

Our Approach

Our approach began with close collaboration with Beewise's key stakeholders to determine the ideal content and structure for the website. We then conducted a comprehensive analysis of competitor websites, which inspired the creation of unique icons and a captivating color scheme. Next, we worked in HubSpot to design a custom look within the confines of the platform.

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Custom icons highlight points of interest.
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A clean layout keeps focus on Beewise’s mission.
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Custom modules make photo grids easy to update.
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Content smoothly transitions to mobile screens.

Ongoing Growth

We are excited to watch as Beewise continues to emerge as a trailblazer in global technology with a strong focus on preservation. Partnering with an organization so dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet has been an honor, and we look forward to the lasting change they will bring about.