Salesforce Community Cloud & Mobile Publisher
Flower Press Creative Studio partners with clients to create an ideal user experience within Salesforce Community Cloud. This flexible, customer-facing interface allows us to customize the end-to-end workflow and simplify customer interactions with your brand. And, we leverage the power of Mobile Publisher to create apps for iOS and Android using the same codebase.

Brilliant Salesforce Communities

We offer easy-to-use Salesforce Communities that leverage the power of data to improve the customer experience with real-time account updates, inventory tracking, and sales tools.

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What can Salesforce Community Cloud do?

Engage your audiences with beautifully branded portals, forums, and sites. Communities offer the ultimate, real-time customer engagement experience.

Improve Customer Service & Partner Engagement

Community Cloud enables the customer to find answers with helpful knowledge base articles, a self-service portal, and forum functionality. Create a complete channel for partners in your business to engage directly with real-time data.

Enable Customer Account Access

Give customers personal access to articles, account information, case history, and claims from the Community Cloud dashboard.

Anything Else

Anything Else

Communities developed through Flower Press Creative Studio go beyond pre-built templates. We can help create custom solutions using Lightning Community Builder. If you can dream it, we can build it, with Salesforce Community Cloud!

How does Mobile Publisher come in?

Mobile Publisher unleashes the power of Salesforce Community Cloud, enabling you to engage with your audience in apps for iOS and Android.

Mobile App Experience

Bring your Community to a Mobile App Experience

Salesforce Mobile Publisher allows companies to bring a branded community experience to iOS and Android.

Geo Features

Content and Features on the Road

Bring your content and features on the road with the mobile app experience. The same content you generate for communities, will automatically publish to your iOS and Android mobile apps.

Mobile Specific Features

Mobile Specific Features

Scanning receipts, updating content based on location, using messaging and SMS features, encouraging real-time recordkkeeping....all of this is made possible with a mobile version of communities.

Increase brand recognition & engagement.

Salesforce Community Cloud with Mobile Publisher will allow your brand to be present in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, making your content more accessible to users.


Built on the Salesforce Community Cloud Platform

Our communities are built on the Salesforce Community Cloud in partnership with The Hunley Group, an experienced Salesforce consulting firm. For more information on Salesforce, and Salesforce Communities, visit their website.

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Check out our work with Salesforce Community Cloud.

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The team is very talented, professional, and easy to work with. They were always available when the project demanded and we completed the Salesforce Community on a quick timeline. Our customers are very happy. – Stakeholder, Salesforce Consulting Firm