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At Flower Press Creative Studio, we focus on user-centered design practices to create engaging and easy-to-use apps. Our React Native Apps are expertly engineered to meet our client’s business objectives and delight users during each interaction. We use the same codebase to release fully native applications for iOS and Android, which are efficient to update and maintain.

The best way to build a mobile app.

React Native Apps start from a single codebase written in React. The system then renders native platform code, meaning the app uses the same native platform APIs other apps do. Platform-specific components with shared code across platforms allow our team to maintain apps for iOS and Android quickly and efficiently.

React one

Not Just a Javascript Wrapper

Before React Native came along, hybrid apps allowed developers to build apps in Javascript and publish these apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The user experience was noticeably worse than apps written in Objective C or Java because these apps were actually running in a web browser that you couldn’t see. Design patterns recommended in Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Android’s Material Design guidelines were often unachievable without access to platform-specific components.

Along came React Native, and boom, everything changed. React Native lets you create native apps from the same codebase without compromising the user experience. React Native renders real native components and does not run in a web browser, and user experience is greatly improved. It allows operating-system-specific components such as view, text, and images to be used. Users can interact with standard features they use every day in apps across the platform.

So Very Simple

React Native is fast and efficient from a development perspective. Using a single codebase to maintain cross-platform apps allows engineers to make changes to multiple versions of the app quickly and easily. This feature saves time and money with the initial build and reduces maintenance costs over time.

React Advantage

Popular with Top Brands

React Native powers some of the most popular apps on the market. The system is built and maintained by Facebook and has a large community of open-source contributors.

React Native Examples

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We are so excited to have a web app built on the React framework. The site is a dream to use, and it has really increased our conversions. – CEO, Insurance Lounge

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