Fast, scalable Angular Web Apps.

Flower Press Interactive has many years of experience building custom Angular Web Apps for clients. Our digital products are built with a user-centered design approach. We work to think through each system from end to end, so everything is engineered for easy maintenance and growth moving forward. Our award-winning process works well with Angular, a platform with proven advantages.

A flexible, modern platform

Starting with our user-centered design process, Flower Press Interactive produces engaging Angular Web Apps. This modern front-end framework offers the speed, scalability, and performance to push your web app to a new level.

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A tested platform that continues to mature

The Angular 2 framework proclaims itself to be “the modern developer’s platform.” Angular 2 was published in 2016 as a significant overhaul of AngularJS, focusing on developing scalable applications for multiple platforms. Since then, it has been embraced by many major corporations to create modern progressive apps with the ability to handle huge data requirements. Here are just a few examples you may have heard of.

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What makes it so good for development?

One of the main features that make Angular very appealing to developers is reusing code and building reusable components quickly. The default Angular setup gives our team a robust set of tools right out of the box. The Angular team maintains these tools to help minimize the need for third-party libraries and increase security. Angular is coded with TypeScript! This javascript superset helps developers keep code clean and makes debugging complex code far easier.

A safe choice moving forward

Angular offers a tried and true modern platform that both developers and clients love. The ecosystem that supports Angular is expansive and continues to grow with every release. This open-source ecosystem makes it easier and more cost-efficient to build apps from entry-level scale up to enterprise. Contact us today to discuss if Angular might be an excellent choice to develop your web app.

Check out our award-winning Angular Web App work.

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Angular is a fantastic platform. It is easy-to-follow and well-organized. The documentation is strong, and the community is excellent. We feel we made a good choice using Angular for our web app. – Founder, Chartmedic