On Energy and Connection

I had the fortunate opportunity to reconnect with a former colleague this morning. Lillian Yvette Jenkins is an absolute delight.


We used to work together at BabyCenter / Johnson & Johnson. During our brief conversation, we were reminiscing about where we were when we started our collaboration. She was a young mother; I was unmarried. Johnson & Johnson was her first client for her now well-established business, Savvy Click Marketing. I was a design consultant through my studio. My client, Ann Crady Weiss, had just sold Maya’s Mom to BabyCenter. As the UI & Visual Designer consulting for Maya’s Mom at the time of their acquisition, I joined the BabyCenter’s design department to carry the interactive and creative vision for the online community forward. All the Moms who relied on each other’s advice and “kidisms” to get through their lives felt like family. Over the course of two years and many meetings, Yvette and I established a report. She focused on marketing; I focused on design. We would pour over wireframes, crafting copy, placement, and calls to action.

Over the years, we stayed in touch through holiday cards, emails, and occasional meetings. I am now married with 15, 12, and 8-year-old children. Even with so much time, and space between our last interaction, and now, our shared energy was palpable.


We are both entrepreneurs working in technology. We are women building businesses for ourselves and others, people who have overcome challenges. We both believe in energy – the energy you put out is what you get back. Sometimes, remembering the person that you were can help you stay on course to become the person you were meant to be. Savvy Click has gone on to work for major brands like ModCloth, Banana Republic, IBM, Unison, and ProCars. Flower Press Creative Studio is a team of over 20 senior practitioners working in product design, user experience, visual design, and engineering for Common Sense Privacy, Stanford University, Disney, Nike, and Time, Inc.


As 2024 takes shape, we set intentions. As our studio grows, I am re-stating our commitment to work for mission-driven companies. Our areas of focus are:

Some of our greatest moments from the last decade involve projects for brands in these spaces, and I am confident that there is more to come.

Here is to the power of connection, shared energy, and staying in touch. Thank you, Lillian Yvette Jenkins, for reminding me.