Industry: Education & Career

We believe in the power of lifelong learning.

We value our educators and career advocates and strive to create solutions that allow them to focus on sharing knowledge and connections. We’re passionate about helping our teachers, administrators, and entrepreneurs build educational and career products.

Web tools for Great Schools, a website to compare school rankings across the country.

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Course materials & in-class presentations for POWer: Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset from the Perspective of Women for Stanford GSB

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Real Work Web App

A hiring platform designed just for the trades

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Real Work Marketing

Promoting a hiring platform for the next generation of trade workers

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Web tools for BabyCenter, a website to educate parents about early childhood development

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A web app for Insidetrack to provide personal coaching to college students

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Research for Children’s Mindset to help deliver materials to help children understand their emotions

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A web app for Geek Girl Careers, a platform for women seeking careers in technology

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Web app for Jobs Nirvana, a platform to match mentors with post-graduate students seeking technology careers

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Apps and web tools for Student Doctor Network, the largest online forum for aspiring doctors

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Research for Kathy Caprino, to deliver career coaching services more efficiently.

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A website for J4Kids Coach, a homeschooling network providing collaborative learning opportunities

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