Building a visual brand with empathy

At Flower Press Interactive, we use empathy when creating a visual brand for a new product. We believe this empathy helps us tap into the emotional connection between a brand and its audience. When designing visual elements, such as a logo, website, or marketing materials, leading with empathy establishes a genuine connection and encourages loyalty among consumers.


Understand the product’s creator and purpose

For new products, discovering a product creator’s connection and emotion around their product is essential to build a compelling visual identity. How do they want the world to interact with the product? How can you best tell the product story and portray its intended purpose? Beginning with a full understanding of the creator’s vision and attachment to the product will help maintain alignment throughout the project and avoid time-consuming and costly detours.


Understand the intended audience

Understanding the target audience on a deeper level is also important when using empathy to build a visual brand. Taking the time to research and gain insight into their demographics, behaviors, and preferences will pay off in the long run. By putting yourself in your audience’s shoes, you can gain valuable perspective on what resonates with them visually and emotionally.


Tell the story

Empathy also plays a crucial role in storytelling, an integral part of brand building. Through visual elements such as imagery, typography, and color schemes, you can evoke emotions and compellingly convey the brand’s narrative. Once you’ve explored creator and audience needs and preferences, you can tie these visions together into a story that speaks to everyone involved.



Creating a visual brand using empathy is about understanding and connecting with the emotions, values, and needs of the product creator and audience. By empathizing, you can design visual elements that resonate on a deeper level, tell a compelling story, and foster loyalty and trust. Through research and storytelling, designers can create visual identities that not only stand out but also make a meaningful impact.

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