Our Approach

User-centered design practices are at the heart of our process. Through ongoing research, we uncover insights that inform our direction through design, build and launch. Whether you’re an established brand looking to pivot, or you’re just getting started we’re here to help you build momentum. We will go deep with your brand, product or service and really get to know your customers. Through our partnership, you’ll develop the tools you need to succeed. And we’ll continue to support you through the growth and evolution of your product.

Users are at the center
of our process.


1. Clever Ideas

Every product starts with a great idea. A simple verbal description or a pencil sketch is all it takes to get our process started. We will help you refine and clarify your concept, then get it in front of customers quickly to see if it has legs.

“When my son was 12, I wanted to buy him a boat. I knew next to nothing about boating at the time. I was sold a lemon. I thought, there has to be a better way to find quality and trustworthy resources in the boating community. I envisioned an “Angie’s List for Boating” and after working with Flower Press Creative Studio, Skipper’s Review was born.” – Founder, Skipper’s Review

2. Strategize & Plan

Your Mom loves your product concept, but will your customers?
It never hurts to ask.

Stratagize Image

Our planning process begins with market research. We will investigate products on the market and how they address your customers’ needs. We may find similar solutions, tools that could be improved upon, or nothing at all. This information will help us determine how your solution will fit within the larger market.

Next we’ll talk with potential customers. Your solution may address their needs but there are likely things you have not thought of. Our research will help uncover underserved outcomes for your customers’ goals and really zero in on areas where they want to see improvement.


3. Sketch & Iterate

With our early research in hand, we’ll begin sketching. We’ll start with a quick product workflow, mapping screens and features at a high level. You, and your team will be very involved in these early discussions, contributing ideas so we represent your product concept correctly.

Sketch Image

Next, we’ll create a low-fidelity prototype to represent high-level features and functionality. We’ll put our working prototype in front of users early, and often to make educated decisions.


Rapid prototyping and iteration is how we get answers. We like to work quickly from sketch to prototype to get your product in front of customers and on to the next iteration.


4. Design, Build & Test

We’ll work together to design your product or website faster and better. Using our collaborative approach our team will speed up design cycles to get clear answers. We will begin by creating a cohesive brand package to set the visual tone for your product or website. Colors, fonts, photography and iconography will grow from a core visual foundation to make page production faster.

Design Image

User testing informs our design workflow. Regular user-interviews and A/B testing help validate ideas, challenge assumptions and make your product amazing.

When visual designs are approved our development team will produce standards-compliant custom responsive HTML/CSS and JS to render pages properly across browsers, platforms and devices. Custom application development in PHP, MySQL or Python with Open Source solutions and APIs will follow.

During each build we engage in weekly releases to alpha groups or stakeholders to catch bugs and problems early.


5. Launch & Measure

Once your product is ready, we’ll handle launch and measurement through use of Google Analytics, or other custom solutions. We’ll keep an eye on the number of signups, page-flow and regularly check in with users to determine overall satisfaction. Early users and their feedback can be invaluable for growth of your brand.


6. Support & Enhance

As your user-base grows we will help support and enhance your product over time. Moving from MVP to the next phase is exciting for any company. Our iterative design and development process will ensure smart and affordable growth of your tool over time. We partner with many clients for years and handle enhancements to their websites and products. We also work with internal teams. Our goal is a long-term partnership in whatever capacity you require.

“Flower Press Creative Studio has been responsible for developing multiple successful platforms for me over the last decade. Their ownership of the project and their attitude towards getting things done right have greatly contributed to this success. They research and offer valuable insights into user preferences. I would gladly recommend Khaiersta and her team for any product design and development work.” – Founder, Geek Girl Careers

Our Clients

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