Capturing a New Market with Personalized Content Delivery

World Perspectives, Inc. engaged FPCS to overhaul their content delivery model to appeal to individual subscribers.


World Perspectives, Inc. is an agricultural consulting firm that offers daily and monthly analytical reports on markets and policy, plus a full range of consulting services.

Washington, DC

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The Challenge

World Perspectives, Inc. (WPI) is a well-respected Washington, DC-based agricultural consulting firm. They offer analytical reports on markets and policy, plus a wide range of consulting services.

For over 30 years WPI sold printed reports, and downloadable PDFs primarily to research departments at large corporations and government organizations (i.e. Cargill, BLM, USDA). Employees would download reports and circulate them within their departments. WPI had no real sense of what was being read, and would frequently lose track of readers after they changed companies. In 2017, new leadership at WPI wondered if there was a way to capture the individual subscriber market. While the group subscription model was still relevant, there was a market opportunity being lost.

Key Insights

WPI engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to examine the issue and propose a solution. We conducted a series of interviews with WPI clients including agribusiness leaders, politicians, farmers, agricultural investors, and bankers. Clients confirmed that they would have an interest in individual subscriptions if they were affordable, and remained relevant. Our conversations lead to this key Product Insight:

Subscribers wanted to be able to view analysis based on their business interests, as opposed to reading through an entire publication. Users specifically mentioned the ability to browse content by market (ie. wheat, soy), region and type of analysis.

The Solution

This Product Insight heavily impacted our product direction. We started by establishing an individual subscriber model. Even if subscriptions are paid for by companies, users register for their own accounts, so they can set content preferences and add additional subscriptions as needed.


This model allows WPI to surface relevant content and cross-promote other subscriptions. Additionally, users can customize their content settings as business needs change keeping WPI relevant throughout their careers.


Based on additional user feedback WPI elected to move to a continuous publishing model. Articles are published throughout the day, instead of all at once in the evening. This information is categorized by markets, regions or publication within the site and is broadcast via notifications.


WPI still has many corporate subscribers, but the individual account model allows them to service their users better, and appeal to individual subscribers as well.

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The result is a modern, timely, relevant and personalized experience for delivery of analytical reports that sets WPI apart from other agricultural consulting firms.

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