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FPCS partnered with a group of senior designers to create an online monthly magazine covering design techniques, strategies, and inspiration.


WebDOTPage is an online monthly magazine offering design techniques, strategies and inspiration for those who love the web.

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The Challenge

With the unparalleled growth of the web and mobile technology in the past several years, considerations for how best to achieve a successful design for the web have grown increasingly complex. Consumers are faced with distraction and limited time to parse sub-par design. Successful designers in today’s digital world must be informed about a large variety of disciplines including information architecture, user research, user testing, effective brand identity, visual design and development technologies. Finding a concise, complete and accurate resource for this information is difficult. Young designers entering the field, are faced with a large variety of information, much of it poorly written and inaccurate. Moreover, young designers lack access to resources to inquire after specific questions. While teachers and peers are an option while in school, it can be difficult to find reliable information after graduation. Forums are available, but responses may come from anyone. Young designers need a place to find reliable advice and ask questions of experienced and qualified designers.

Key Insights

With this challenge in mind, the Creative Director at Flower Press Creative Studio partnered with other senior designers in the field to examine the issue. We discussed how we had conducted research when we were coming up in web and mobile design. Many of us had bought design books, read online journals and met with other design professionals in networking groups. We shared work for criticism and review before presenting it to clients. While these resources are still available, young designers coming out of school in 2018 are different. They are more focused on online resources, less likely to start organic networking groups or ask for help directly. We interviewed young designers and came away with one key insight:

Designers need a place to reference important information and best practices in the field of web and mobile design. They need a place to ask questions of qualified designers who can provide quick and meaningful insight.

This Product Insight heavily influenced our design direction

The Solution

Our goal, as a collection of senior designers, was to provide a resource for young designers to find important and actionable information on best practices in the field of web and mobile design. The information could be broken into major categories including UI/UX design, information architecture, user interviews, user research, user testing, prototyping, brand identity, visual design, UI development, and back-end development.

Our goal was to produce monthly content categorized into these major areas. Additionally, we came up with the idea of presenting a gallery of well crafted online solutions. These solutions would range from well-thought-out interactions to beautiful visual designs. Along with the designer-generated content, we wished to present a place for readers to nominate examples of great design solutions, or ask questions about best practices. These submissions would be worked in with our editorial calendar for inclusion in future issues.


Around this same time, Flower Press Creative Studio was contacted by leadership at Google Registry with an invitation to participate in the early adopter's program for the launch of the .page domain. We proposed the domain Web.Page as the place for our online magazine. We suggested the subdomain Awesome.Web.Page for our website gallery and Make.Web.Page for our tips and tricks section. Google Registry accepted our proposal and the site was featured in their blog, with the launch of the new .page domain.

We created visual designs for the project and worked together to create content.

webdotpage3 webdotpage3

The result is the beginning of a great resource for young designers, and a destination site to ask questions about important topics. We look forward to seeing this resource grow as more practitioners join the editorial board.

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