Hunley Group Website
Hunley Group Website

Rebranding an established Salesforce consulting company

The Challenge

The Hunley Group is an established Salesforce consulting firm with 10+ years building custom software solutions. Their clients include some of the world’s largest construction, building products manufacturers, and architecture firms. The Hunley Group specializes in custom integrations and enhancements to Salesforce Platform and Salesforce Communities. Their team includes 45+ administrators, designers, and engineers focused on specing, designing, and building ideal workflow management tools. The company needed a new website and brand identity to communicate this value proposition and appeal to an increasingly diverse customer base.

The Outcome

The updated Hunley Group brand is clean, bold, and bright. The colors are strong and commanding and marry well with Salesforce blue. We use colorful imagery, bold headlines, and modern iconography throughout the website and materials to communicate the firms' unique offerings. The website is built in WordPress, which offers a perfect mix of features for this marketing website and companion blog. With just a handful of pages and targeted content, the website has grown from a passive marketing vehicle to a useful lead generation tool. The new brand identity matches well with the quality of services The Hunley Group has to offer.

Our new website is beautiful and functions well on mobile. We have been placing more emphasis on blogging in our marketing efforts, and this gives us a hub to deliver that content. We feel the new site and brand is an excellent reflection on our company. – Marketing Specialist, The Hunley Group

Our Approach

Salesforce consulting is highly technical. Creating marketing materials for a company specializing in this level of software customization is complex. To complete this work effectively, we set up several meetings with senior leadership and key stakeholders to learn more about The Hunley Group's design and build process. Onboarding took some time, but once we had a chance to get to know the company, creating the materials came naturally. The company does an excellent job customizing Salesforce solutions for clients. The level of care they take with each engagement is striking. All of their employees and contributors are highly intelligent, focused, and hard-working. Understanding these values helped to drive the design and bring the website to life. Once we had an approved brand identity and direction, we created wireframes and prototypes to capture the website flow. We gathered feedback, made refinements, and built the site using WordPress. We customized the WordPress editor to be simple and easy-to-use, so maintaining the website is enjoyable and straightforward.

Project Image Hunley Group Laptop
Clear visuals demonstrating client engagement statistics and selling points.
Project Image Hunley Group Desktop
Full features are accessible on mobile.
Project Image Hunley Group Desktop
Pages focused on each industry vertical for targeted marketing campaigns.

Ongoing Growth

As The Hunley Group continues to grow and offer new services, their website will evolve. The system is flexible, allowing them to add additional industry vertical pages, services, and engagement summaries as needed. We are looking forward to seeing great things from The Hunley Group.