A Promotion to Help Women Discover CareerXO [Career Love]

Geek Girl Careers engaged FPCS to create a microsite to promote the personality assessment feature on their career development platform.


Geek Girl Careers is a startup focused on getting more women working in technology careers. They match women to careers based on personality and offer jobs, internships and mentorships within their platform.

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The Challenge

Geek Girl Careers is a career development platform dedicated to helping women discover roles they will love, and thrive in, within the technology sector. The product is built around a personality assessment which matches each woman with possible careers based on her natural abilities and interests. Once a career match is made, Geek Girl Careers provides mentors who can answer questions and advise women on how best to pursue their career of choice.

In Fall 2018, Geek Girl Careers was interested in launching a promotion to draw more students and young women onto the platform to take advantage of the resources available.

Key Insights

Geek Girl Careers engaged Flower Press Creative Studio to collaborate with the student PR firm at Syracuse University on this initiative. The PR Firm had plans to get the word out on social media, through news stories, expert profiles etc. We proposed supplementing that campaign with a microsite, that would highlight Geek Girl Careers key value proposition: personality insights. From years of user research, we knew that finding a career match based on personality is key to success. One past user quote captured the idea perfectly.

If you truly love what you do, your work will not feel like work. It will feel like a retreat. It will feel like an oasis in an otherwise crazy world. Love your work, and success will follow.

That one simple idea informed our design direction.

The Solution

Around this same time, Flower Press Creative Studio was contacted by leadership at Google Registry. They were in the process of launching their new .page domain and were seeking early adopters to launch websites and services using the new domain. We proposed CareerXO.page to host a Geek Girl Careers microsite. The brand would promote the Geek Girl Careers personality assessment by asking a simple question: “What career are you planning to pursue?”


We included a prominent visual of a girl thinking up a great idea. Filling in the field generates a simple response: “Great! This is a good starting point! You may very well end up being a fantastic Designer someday. Let us help you make sure you’re on the right track..” Then, it links over to the Geek Girl Careers personality assessment.

careerxo3 careerxo3

The microsite was featured in the Google Registry blog with the launch of the .page domain. And the PR firm at Syracuse University promoted it through PR, advertising and social media. The microsite drove a growth in student signups. Sometimes a simple appeal and a strong visual is all it takes to capture user attention.

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