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Product Insights

Product Insights can mean the success or failure of your project.

Appraoch Diamond

What are Product Insights?

Product Insights are rare, like diamonds. They are flashes of inspiration that come from research, observation and years of experience. Product Insights are breakthroughs that reveal behavior patterns and drive product decisions. They can inspire design teams to explore new directions, and save time, and resources from pursuing the wrong path. Product Insights, in short, help to set projects on the right track.


How are Product Insights discovered?

Ideas & Theories

Product Insights start with ideas and theories. Ideas are shaped by understanding a problem and reflecting on past experiences. Ideas and theories provide something to test, and gather feedback on.


To prove, or disprove ideas, we gather information through testing. As we collect data, we can make observations based on the patterns we see.

Digging Deeper

Observations lead to patterns, but we need to dig deeper to understand the “why” behind user behavior. Uncovering reasons for user behavior leads us to ask better questions, allowing us to predict future patterns and identify Product Insights.


What can Product Insights do?

Product Insights can help shape a project at any point in the design process. These insights which would otherwise be lost, allow us to form connections and predict future behaviors. This deep understanding of the “why” behind user behaviors, helps prevent us from going down the wrong path leading to better product outcomes.

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